Our objective and mission at TekBee are to provide our clients with a full range and powerful set of service offerings designed to provide business-benefits using specialized technology-enabled solutions and support your business with the steps required to achieve and sustain operational excellence.
Targeted Solutions for Targeted Industries
While combining industry know-how with best practices, methodologies, and tools, our experienced team assists clients in designing and deploying business, process, and technology strategies. We focus on solutions with measurable value and the transfer of real knowledge to our clients. As a trusted advisor, TekBee maintains high client satisfaction levels and long-term relationships based on our collaborative approach and a robust quality assurance program.

Our team has delivered hundreds of IT strategy, planning, implementation, and integration solutions to companies throughout North America and various countries worldwide. Today, we continue to offer deep knowledge, insight, and expertise to deliver targeted solutions for targeted industries such as:

• Information Technology using Internet technology to provide an integrated suite of corporate standard business solutions.

• Hybrid Telephone system with feature-rich, reliable & cost-effective Hosted or on-Premise capable, converging voice & data using existing local/wide (LAN/WAN) networks.

• Unified Threat Management System, managing cloud-connected infrastructure, multiple locations, worksites, and workers.

TekBee has everything you need in a flexible, modular platform that
fits the evolving needs of your organization without
the concerns of multiple point solutions.

About us

TekBee is a professional Florida IT consulting services company delivering specialized technology-enabled business solutions. Our specialization is applying knowledge derived from industry expertise of technology and capabilities to our clients' business challenges.

We provide IT services and tech solutions to a wide range of private and public-sector clients. In the public sector, we have developed significant expertise in Government. We handle assignments of every scope and complexity—expertly, professionally, and effectively.

Through this specialization, We promise you tech consultants who are seasoned, collaborative, and business-benefit driven. Our team of professionals averages 20 years of experience. The breadth of expertise and focus on the business benefit is what our clients have come to value.

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